"Kept Me From Heart Surgery" - Frank


My name is Frank, I am 77 years old and live in Brooklyn, NY. In early May, I received the frightening news from my cardiologist that I had developed atrial flutter. He explained that a healthy heart beats once on top, then once on the bottom. My heart, to my bewilderment, was beating 5 times on the bottom. In other words, it was short circuiting, posing a very high risk of stroke.

The doc told me that the condition would not disappear on its own and gave me 3 options: wait and see if the condition spontaneously went away, electrical shocking, and surgery called atrial abrasion. A shock or surgery of my heart is not like getting a flu shot. I did not like the thought of it, so decided to wait and see.

The doctor told me that if the atrial ablation did not work, I would need a pace maker. The battery had a long life of 10 years, so I wouldn't need it replaced until I would be 87! Oh, joy! My doctor sent me to an electrocardiologist who would perform the ablasion and insert the pace maker if the ablasion did not work. The surgeon explained that atrial ablasions were very routine and he had performed hundreds of them, even though he couldn't really tell me that he would be able to remove the problem. 

My condition was a little better on my next visit a week later. I was encouraged. I stuck with my position of not getting surgery. Two weeks later, my EKG revealed that the atrial flutter was the same as when it was diagnosed. The doctor again strongly encouraged me to get surgery. I refused, wanting to continue a natural way to get well. I had started taking the Moochas Gracias Bioactive Undenatured Whey Protein and the Bioactive Bovine Colostrum about a couple weeks ago. I wanted to give my body a chance to get better with these natural products as I had heard amazing things about them.

On my checkup this past Sunday, August 19, 2012, the doctor asked me whether I still did not want surgery. I hadn't changed my mind and actually was eager to see what the tests would show. The doctor hadn't yet examined me and assumed that my condition was still the same. He began to take my blood pressure, and quite pleased said, "Oh, you are better. Your pressure is 136/60". Two months ago it was 140/80. Then he gave me an EKG, and as the report began to print, he nodded his approval and said, "It's gone. Your atrial flutter has reversed!" My heart was no longer short circuiting!

​I have been taking 6 scoops of Moochas Gracias Bioactive Whey Protein, and 2 scoops of Moochas Gracias Bioactive Bovine Colostrum daily, without fail. I feel so much better these days, with better eyesight and strength. I feel less tired and need less naps than before. At the onset of my illness, my right leg had swollen terribly from the knee to my toes. The swelling is gone. Thank you, Immune Talk, for helping me get better. The supplements are so worth the small price, for my health that is priceless.

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