Glutathione Testimonials for Kidneys

Hello, my name is Pamela, living in Brooklyn, NY.  Last year I discovered that my dad’s kidneys were not functioning as it should, this might be well due to his age (95 years old).  He did not want to take any medication even though his doctor strongly recommended he do so.  I was trying to figure out if there were any alternatives available in place of traditional medicine to help.  In my research, and through word of mouth, I came across a homeopathic remedy called GHS, an Antioxidant Immune Booster Detoxifier.  It literally changed my dad’s life!  Six months later, my dad went back to his doctor to do another round of tests to see the condition of his kidneys.  I suspect that my dad’s doctor did not have high expectations for a positive result, seeing that my dad refused the recommended medication.  It turns out that his doctor was completely amazed as she compared the 3 test results from his last test to the current results.  My dad’s kidneys were completely repaired as a direct result of using GHS! I highly recommend this product, it works!

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