"Back on My Feet" – Narda


I am a 74-year-old homemaker from Dallas, TX. After having several tests done at a Fair in January 2012, a nurse advised me to see my doctor because of elevated blood sugar. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as a result of the HbA1c test done at that visit. Next came a class at the hospital where we learned all aspects of diabetes, including neuropathy.
At that time, I had no feeling from the ankles down, along with the tingling and pain. My disappointment came when I was told this condition would never go away and would continue to progress as more nerves were damaged. And progress it did – until it finally reached both knees! Since this was something I had to live with for the rest of my life, or so I was told, I accepted the fact I would be very inactive when I should be exercising to help control my blood sugar and to lose weight.

Near the end of February 2012, I learned about Moochas Gracias and took it for first time. Within weeks, I began to notice some things missing or improved. A sore in one ear was gone. No more headaches, because my year-round sinus infections were also gone after many years. I was able to almost close both hands after arthritis prevented it from happening. Imagine my excitement when I noticed that my neuropathy had lowered almost two inches below my knees. In the middle of March, I began taking three scoops of Moochas Gracias a day, and by late June, the neuropathy was only in the bottom of my feet. How exciting for something that would NEVER be reversed. This year I walked everywhere I needed to go, with much improved balance. Last year I could only walk short distances with assistance and had to be driven the longer ones. Praise the Lord for Moochas Gracias!

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