“Moochas Gracias has changed my life.” – Phil


When I was introduced to Moochas Gracias, I was having a great deal of trouble keeping my sugar down, even though I was on Insulin injections. I had lost the sight in one eye and the other eye was ulcerated, with loss of vision eminent. I was terribly down and lacked the energy to move and was rapidly gaining weight.

​My brother introduced me to Moochas Gracias after he heard a radio show on the benefits of glutathione and calling the number. After two months on Moochas Gracias, my sugar was leveled. Upon going to my eye specialist, I was told that the ulcerations were gone, as was the itching and running from the eyes. I have more energy than I can ever remember having, and I am now taking walks daily. In six weeks, I lost twenty-two pounds. Moochas Gracias has definitely improved the quality of my life.